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“The Chrome extension helps me remember to add agenda items about my direct reports while I work. Now, I don’t forget to prepare and I have time to grow our relationship during one-on-ones.”

Mallorie Maranda

Sales Manager at Envoy

“Before every one-on-one, Redjay automatically prepares a list of my customer calls for me. I don’t even have to think about it.”

Cameron MacBain

Top performer at Passport

“I can set agenda items once and populate them to my entire team with one-click. It also gives me a summary of everyone’s agenda items on one screen. This saves me so much time before one-on-ones.”

Danny Carlson

Sales Director at Segment

“I like that it asks why I work and collects my highlights. This helps me remember why I joined the company in the first place.”

Hayley Quint

Top performer at Sanity

Let Redjay take care of the one-on-one meeting preparation for you.

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