Meetings Matter

How does your team stack up?

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What is a health check?

Redjay aggregates and analyzes calendar and survey data so your team can:

Graph showing Redjay's ability to explain the breakdown of how each report is spending their time (e.g. 28% of the day in 1-1's, 13% of the day with focused time)
Optimize Your Time Together

The highest scoring meetings are the “one-time” and “Recurring 3+” are the lowest, yet too many recurring commitments tend to monopolize everyone’s time. Understand how your team spends their time so you can keep the meetings that work, and eliminate the ones that don’t.

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Eliminate Burnout

The way employees feel about meetings is a leading indicator of job satisfaction. Learn if someone on your team is unhappy with the meetings they’re in so you can make changes before they experience burnout.

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Align with Priorities

Spending time with customers and forming strong relationships with co-workers lead to the highest quality scores in employee surveys. Know who the people on your team are spending the most time with, and help solidify the relationships that need strengthening.

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Improve Meeting Quality

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Each month, we measure your meetings with a Perceived Meeting Quality (PMQ) survey that takes less than a second to complete. With the data we provide you, you’ll know how your meetings stack up, and which meetings need attention.

Are your meetings working?
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How it works
Redjay creates a secure read-only connection to your Google Workspace to collect meta-data from your meetings
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