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Our Story

Throughout my sales career I've participated in 3,800 one-on-ones: 3,000 as a manager and 800 as a direct report. It is the ritual I enjoy the most at work because it has the biggest impact on the employee’s relationship with the company.

The one I remember most is from ten years ago when I was a Sales Manager at Box. My top performer quit on his 366th day. I didn't see it coming and it knocked the wind out of me. I couldn’t understand why he would leave when he was doing so well.

I realized that there had probably been signs I missed because our one-on-ones weren’t thorough enough, or because I wasn’t paying enough attention. It became clear to me that the conversation during a weekly one-on-one provides critical insight and, when done right, can lead to retaining top talent.

The problem is, in order to make a one-on-one effective, it requires accountability, trust and transparency along with engaging and motivating experiences. That is a lot to remember every week, so I started experimenting with different productivity and HR tools to help me.

I found they all required too much manual input, and I didn't have that kind of time (no one who works at a fast-growing company does). I had big numbers to overachieve, and the ROI was not there.

I realized I needed something that could run an effective weekly one-on-one for me and my direct reports. This product didn't exist, so I reached out to my two favorite engineers and we built it ourselves.

Now, Redjay's intelligent platform finds and organizes agenda items, guiding the manager and their direct reports to have effective weekly one-on-one meetings. By improving the quality of this time together, managers will be able to keep their top talent, longer.

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